Sermons - August 2018

God, Our Healer

God, our home

This Book of Mine

God, Our Refuge

God's Children

Sermons - July 2018


God, our Praise

God, our Shepard


Our God the Liberator



Sermons - June 2018


Stand by me

God, our Life

God, our discerner

Sermons - May 2018

Send me













Sermons - April 2018


Shepherd Me Lord


 The Walk to Emmaus

The Second and Sixth Words







Sermons - August & September 2017


Please feel free to listen to the latest 2017 sermons.Note that the popup window for the mp3 player works best with Firefox and IE 9.0 and above. Also, for a complete list of sermons select PCC Podcast from the Sermons menu.


September 17th - Time to Check Our Bearings - Philippians 5,  Verses 1-9 & Psalm 34, Verses 8-22. Sermon by Rev. Ron Kernaghan 

September 10th - Soul Keeping - John, Verses 5-11. Sermon by Rev. Anette Rihovsky


August 6th - Too Good To Be True - Luke 1, Verses 1-4. Sermon by Rev. Craig Rozen

August 20th - Chosen - Esther 1-2. Sermon by Rev. Tamara John

August 27th - Trusting in God's Timing and Orchestration - Esther 3-10. Sermon by Rev. Tamara John












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